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Melanoplus nossi- male. Photo by Mississippi Entomological Museum. Image may be subject to copyright.
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Melanoplus nossi Hill, 2014

Noss' spur-throat grasshopper

Federal Protection: No US federal protection

State Protection: No Georgia state protection

Global Rank: GNR

State Rank: S2S3

SWAP High Priority Species (SGCN): Yes

Element Occurrences (EOs) in Georgia: 0

Habitat Summary for element in Georgia: Hardwoods


A small grasshopper (10-28 mm in length).  Brownish in color with black stripe extending laterally from behind the eye down the thora, with a white stripe below it. Hind tibia are blueish-gray.  The male cerci are broadly rounded caudally. This species has short wings and is incapable of flight, but is a very strong jumper. 

Similar Species

Other related species tend to differ in habitat and range. In the lab, species can be separated by dissecting and observing internal genitalia.


Found in the understory of hardwood slopes and ravines and wet hardwood flats, most often near floodplains and swamps.


Likely a generalist herbivore. 

Life History

Like all Orthopterans, the Melanoplus nossi undergoes an incomplete metamorphosis. Adults can be found throught the summer months. 

Survey Recommendations

Walk through suitable habitat to flush Melanoplus from resting. Catch specimens with a net to confirm ID.


This species’ recorded range falls within the eastern Gulf Coastal Plain (north Florida), the southern Atlantic Coastal Plain (central Georgia and southeast North Carolina), and the mid-Atlantic Coastal Plain (northeastern North Carolina.


Timber cutting of the forests where these grasshoppers are found is their most immediate threat.

Georgia Conservation Status

Melanoplus nossi is endemic to the North American Coastal Plain from Alabama to North Carolina. In Georgia the speices is known from only 3 extant populations, all of which are on private land. 

Conservation Management Recommendations

Protect forests where this species is known to occur from development and timber harvests. 


Hill, Jovonn G., Derek A. Woller, and Stephen Hall. “Melanoplus Nossi Hill (Orthoptera: Acrididae): A Grasshopper Species Endemic to the North American Coastal Plain

Authors of Account

JoVonn G. Hill and Brady S. Dunaway

Date Compiled or Updated


Melanoplus nossi female. Photo by Mississippi Entomological Museum. Image may be subject to copyright.