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Pseudanophthalmus fastigatus Barr, 1981

Tapered Cave Beetle

Federal Protection: No US federal protection

State Protection: No Georgia state protection

Global Rank: G1

State Rank: S1?

SWAP High Priority Species (SGCN): No

Element Occurrences (EOs) in Georgia: 1

Habitat Summary for element in Georgia: Caves


Profile incomplete

Similar Species


A subterranean cave species known only from Northwest Georgia.  


Life History

This species requires further study to learn about its life history.

Survey Recommendations


Known from Horseshoe cave in Walker county.   A single male specimen is housed in the American Museum of Natural History.


Georgia Conservation Status

A single specimen of this species has been recorded.  With such limited information, it is not possible to assess species needs.  Prevention of any impacts of Horseshoe cave is required to protect the species.

Conservation Management Recommendations


Authors of Account

Anna Yellin

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